Landmarks of Germany

Travel Germanies landmarks, sites and attractions. Museums, galleries, arenas and more

Archeologic Museum, Frankfurt am Main

The museum is one of the few in Germany that is dedicated exclusively to archaeology. It is a central archive for the archaeological sites in the Frankfurt municipal area, which are constantly being expanded through digs by the Municipal Office of Historical Sites. Book recommended accommodation HERE. More information HERE.

Old Town Hall Bonn

Today it houses a cabaret café and the stage of the Theatre of the Town of Aalen. To find recommended accommodation click HERE. More information HERE.

Gallery Acht P!, Germany

Prefered accommodation around  Gallery Acht P!, Bonn. Book online Here.

August Macke Haus Museum, Bonn

Dedicated to the expressionist painter August Macke. Read more here or find accommodation near August Macke Haus Museum HERE.

Arte Fact

The artefact offers courses / workshops in painting, drawing and graphic art, sculpture / object, sculpture, art history for children, adolescents and adults, beginners and advanced. Click HERE for accommodation near Arte Fact.

Altes Schauspielhaus, Stuttgart

Prefered accommodation around  Altes Schauspielhaus, Stuttgart. Book online Here.

Old and New Pinakothek, MÜNCHEN

The Neue Pinakothek (New Pinakothek) is an art museum in Munich, Germany. Its focus is European Art of the 18th and 19th century. Book accommodation HERE or .find more information HERE.

American Contemporary Art Gallery, München

Prefered accommodation near American Contemporary Art Gallery, München. Book online Here.

Altmarkt, Dresden

Prefered accommodation around  Altmarkt, Dresden. Book online Here.

Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen

Prefered accommodation around  Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen. Book online Here. Read MORE..