Brazil’s Curitiba-Morretes railway attracts worldwide visitors – Xinhua |

To South America now, and to Brazil, for a ride on it’s most beautiful railway. The Curitiba-Morretes railway connecting these two small towns attracts tourists from around the world. And this year’s no exception.

A 4 hour tour travelling 100 kilometres…But it is not a boring trip: during the ride, the train goes through 14 tunnels, 30 bridges, through mountains and across viaducts!

The Curitiba-Morretes railway is the most famous train ride in Brazil, attracting 2 million tourists worldwide each year.

“The scenery along the way is very beautiful because the railway is at the heart of the rainforest, which is one of the best-protected forests in Brazil. That’s why the railway has been hailed as the most beautiful railway in Brazil.” Tour guide said.

This historic railway was built in the 1880s. Around 9 thousand engineers and construction workers spent over 5 years finishing the project. It used to transport cargo but was turned into a tourist route in 1997 and is now famous around the world.

” We knew about the train before… it’s so difficult to build especially in the jungle. ”

The town of Morretes in the Brazilian State of Parano is the terminal, where visitors can have some peace and serenity after the long ride.

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