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1. Learn about the destination country.

It is extremely important to research the country being traveled to. Travel To Go advises that this research be done on a variety of topics including but not limited to: customs regulations, currency use, and dialect usage.

2. Know which adapters to bring.

When travelling to Europe and other parts of the world, it is important to know what kind of electrical outlets the country uses. If needed, adapters specifically designed for all sorts of electronics are available for purchase. Make sure these important devises are not left at home but putting them at the top of a packing list.

3. Be aware of cultural customs.

Travel To Go also advises travelers to read up on the cultural customs of their destination. For example, it is customary and respectful to take one’s shoes off before entering a household in Japan. Without being attuned to the nuances of daily life wherever the business destination may be, one runs the risk of offending others.

4. Make sure there is time to rest before big meetings, etc.

Traveling overseas takes a lot of time; flights to Europe from the United States can be over 12 hours long. Jet lag and sickness related to lack of sleep are a real concern. It is important to allow enough time to get several house of sleep upon arrival before any sort of business meeting or professional engagement.

5. Keep all paperwork up to date.

Perhaps the most important tip that Travel To Go can offer is to keep up with all of the paperwork and documentation needed to leave the country of origin and arrive at the destination country. Passports and sometimes visas are needed to enter any foreign country.

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